The Finishing Process

Our NorthTeak Live Edge tables are varnished with 100% natural stains in order to
maintain the beauty of the original natural wood swirls, knots, veins etc. We avoid
all harsh chemical stains/lacquers. As a result, our table surface is mold resistant
and safe from coffee, wine and tea stains.

Sanding Stage

Our skilled artisans take pride in our exceptional 8-stage sanding process that create a luxuriously smooth finish.

We utilize a state of the art industrial sander that helps to remove a majority of the blemishes/imperfections. To finish, it is meticulously hand sanded by our esteemed craftsman to ensure the entire table top is perfectly consistent and smooth.

NorthTeak's Air and Kiln Drying Process

The wood tables are air and kiln dried for at least 12 months. 

Kiln-drying is a process of placing the Live Edge Wood Tables into Kilns (ovens)
where heated air is circulated and the temperature is controlled for the purpose of
reaching the wood's equilibrium moisture content.  It is imperative that our Live
Edge wood be acclimatized with its surrounding environment. 

Tables are then further acclimatized at our warehouse facility to North American
weather. This is to ensure that there is minimal variation in humidity levels as the
Live Edge table makes its way from our facility to your home. This is to minimize
additional movement of the wood slab, as wood is a natural product (that is
prone to slight seasonal fluctuations depending on its environment).

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