Live Edge Care

Life happens. That’s why all North Teak products are finished with low-maintenance finishes that don’t need to be waxed, polished, or maintained. Simply dust them, or wipe them clean with a wet rag and allow to dry quickly. Avoid prolonged moisture and high heat. These can damage the finish.

North Teak Live Edge tables are finished with our custom finish that is mold resistant and safe from coffee, tea, and wine stains.

A few more tips:

Dust your North Teak wood with a damp rag. Use long strokes parallel to the grain direction to avoid streaks.
A small amount of a mild soap can be added to clean up oily spills and stains.
Don’t scrub the wood aggressively, as this may damage the finish.
Avoid polishes, oils, and all solvents as they may damage the finish as well.


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