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A Slice of Nature

Beautifully designed West Coast Teak.
Distinctly Pacific North West.

We are NorthTeak. Deeply inspired by the beauty of nature, we are passionate about creating handsome, well-made furniture.

It all starts with a slab of wood. The concept is simple, we hand-select every piece of hardwood for its unique wood grain and raw edge.  Each piece is finished in a way that highlights the natural beauty of the wood, and is then protected and enhanced with natural oils and lacquers. The result is a beautifully crafted slab of wood that is then turned into a unique piece of furniture.

All wood is sourced sustainably from forests in the Asian Pacific.

At NorthTeak, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality furniture that will last generations. Our pieces are more than just furniture; they are works of art that inspire conversations, enhance any space, and bring a touch of nature to your every day.

Our live edge tables feature the most unique wood-grain characteristics not found in more common laminated wood or veneer tables. Each top is carefully cross-cut from a single tree, usually across the centre where the wood is the widest. Trees are hand selected for quality and are responsibly harvested from 50 to 80 year-old renewable forest, and the slab is finished in Canada. As a result, each table is a one of a kind piece.

The finishing process involves kiln-drying the wood for 12 months, and then sanding and staining by hand until the top is perfect. Then, we reinforce the slabs with beams embedded into the underside of the wood. In the final stage of finishing, the wood is treated with a polyurethane protective coating, and any minor blemishes are touched up. Tables are acclimatized for 60 days to North American weather, and then they end up in your home.

Beautiful dining tables aren’t our only specialty. We also create unique tea and end tables, vanities, and a fabulous selection of chrome and concrete pieces These pieces blend modern and contemporary looks with a bit of rustic feel to make statement pieces for any room. 


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